"I'm not saying I'm right, I'm not even suggesting I'm right. I'm merely offering food for thought to the open minded." 
- Raw Zero

KornuCopia stems from the creative mind of Raw Zero. After a very dark life chapter Raw used songwriting as a tool to keep his focus away from self destruction and into something productive. In the course of a few years this tool went from being therapeutic to a voice with a social conscience and a solid beat. Raw is responsible for the composing, performance and studio productions and demonstrates a versatility/talent that truly captures a thought provoking vision. 
From Toronto, KornuCopia is loaded with a history of fuel to energize its machine. Beyond good and evil lies the roots of this artist who sprays his blood on the tracks. Why would anyone want to lead their own life when it's easier to just go with the flow?
KornuCopia's music levitates and permeates the hearts of humanity. Courage wants to be awoken, clarity wants to laugh, ambition wants to be content, and compassion wants to lead. 
KornuCopia is for none and all.

"If you don't know what the leaders are doing, how do you know 
where you're being led?" 
- Raw Zero


"Music saved me from heroin addiction and myself. It gave me a reason to live and an outlet to justify my thoughts, feelings, perception, and existence. Equally as important, it humanized me more than it civilized me." - Raw Zero

Raw Zero - 2014A lengthy travel down the road of heroin abuse will lead to a destination that is not even desired by the dead. Truly all hope is lost and the user’s existence becomes a day to day event with only one care in the entire world......the next hit.
Between 2002 and 2009 Raw Zero's life had evolved into this state of existence and death was practically welcomed by the dispirited artist. Raw had accepted that he had been defeated by the powerful drug and that he would most likely die due to compromised health and loss of spirit. This is when he developed his first sincere desires to clean up off the heroin to try and make good with his life. He just needed a little help, possibly from fate, to launch a serious and final attempt to turn his life around.

In September 2009, fate stepped in when Raw tried contacting his heroin dealer to no avail. After a night of the "heroin withdrawal blues" he received a phone call from a fellow junkie who had informed Raw that their dealer had been busted.
This left Raw with 2 choices:
1) contact another fellow junkie and arrange to pick up.
2) Quit, once and for all, no looking back.

Raw chose option 2 and continued with his withdrawal and drying out process. Once the physical symptoms had subsided Raw proceeded to take a much needed shower, changed his cell phone number, and most importantly, got reacquainted with his guitar.
Even though an entire KornuCopia album had been written and recorded at this point Raw knew this was the beginning of an interesting chapter for KornuCopia.

KornuCopia - Volume IDuring the addiction Raw wrote a concept album about the life cycle of a junkie. The album contains 10 songs and is called 'Volume I'. The album was recorded in late 2008, however, it has never been properly mixed or released. The importance of this album is that it was not only therapeutic for Raw but it allowed him to realize, when he got off heroin, that he could write an album, play all the instruments, perform all the vocals, and even produce it......even better than before, with a redeemed energy. This is where it got interesting

Raw had developed an overload of ideas and the creative juices were flowing. However, Raw was still psychologically getting well from the addiction and a cornucopia of issues were keeping his head...well...fucked up. This resulted in an album of high energy music with lyrics that were incoherently abstract yet poetic. In fact, in 2010 Raw had this new album, titled 'Volume II', reviewed and he was placed in the 9% demographic of lyricist that actually write interesting lyrics.
Raw proceeded as he saw fit and ultimately wrote and recorded another album only 4 months after 'Volume II'. The new album was aptly titled 'Volume III' and showed more growth for Raw as he attempted to incorporate electronic effects into the music. The lyrics were still abstract and basically left open to interpretation by the listener.

Raw ZeroThe focus of for KornuCopia mostly began in late 2010 during the writing of the follow-up album 'Volume IV'. Throughout Raw's life he had never made peace with the ideas of hierarchies, inequality, or simply the idea of one person being better than another for some trivial reason or birthright. He didn't understand why monetary greed was in existence and that it was generally executed "legally". Raw also didn't understand why people would so blindly feed into the system that almost always resulted in oppression of varying levels. With these thoughts running amok through his head Raw began penning lyrics that were a little less abstract and a little more outspoken. This proved an essential turning point for KornuCopia music because it made Raw feel better by voicing his concerns. Things were becoming a little clearer and beginning to make sense for the once "fucked up" artist.
Something amazing happened in September 2011 when the Occupy Movement began at various locations around the planet. Raw did some research to find out the meaning of the movement and became overwhelming happy when he discovered that it was just what he was looking for. The Occupy Movement coupled with the lyrics of 'Volume IV' solidified what Raw knew he needed to do to feel fulfilled by KornuCopia music.

Raw ZeroWith 2 years off of heroin, and a confidence established, Raw began work on his first real album of expanding perception, titled 'Five'. In retrospect, Raw knew that the first 4 albums were simply stepping stones helping him get to a higher plateau that would allow him to compose enjoyable music and author lyrics that could make sense to a listener. Volume I, II, III, and IV are essentially "demo albums" with no anticipation of release in the future.

From deathly heroin junkie to healthy, focused, determined songwriter, Raw has a mission to use music as a medium to expand on, and get people to consider, different perceptions of reality. He is not saying he's right and he's not even suggesting he's right, he's merely offering food for thought to the open minded. Raw hopes KornuCopia music will levitate and permeate the hearts of humanity.

Courage wants to be awoken, clarity wants to laugh, ambition wants to be content, and compassion wants to lead. KornuCopia is for none and all.

"If you don't know what the leaders are doing, how do you know where you're being led?" - Raw Zero

Raw Zero - 2014